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150+ Healthy Snack Combinations—All Under 250 Calories !


If your goal is to lose weight, you’re probably already working hard to try to maintain a calorie deficit and have figured out some great go-to options for breakfastlunch, and dinner. But, because the difference between losing or gaining a pound a week can hinge on a few hundred calories per day , the snacks you eat could be what make or break your overall strategy.

“I typically recommend two snacks a day—one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon,” says Fitbit dietitian Tracy Morris. “And, depending on your daily calorie needs, you should aim for 150 to 250 calories per snack.” That afternoon snack is the most important, says Morris. “It works wonders to prevent you from diving into the fridge the minute you get home.”

Reaching for pre-packaged snacks with clearly defined calorie counts may seem like a safe and convenient option, but even low-cal chips and cookies can be full of refined carbs, which can just lead to more cravings. Instead, opt for a combination of whole foods from the chart below—each one comes in at around a hundred calories; a nice round number that makes addition easy.

“The most satisfying snack provides plenty of protein and fiber, so you’ll want to mix and match,” explains Morris. “Grab one item from each category, and you’ll be covered.”

150+ Healthy Snack Ideas for Weight Loss

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